Get up in door-stepping debt on drugs, cigarettes

The police are worried about the increase in reported doorways in Christchurch.

Since media coverage earlier this month, they have received six additional calls from people reporting reports they miss in the suburbs of Hornby and Rolleston.

Senior Constable Bruce Ward says it's important that young people go to people's property and remove items.

"The danger is that these young people are 13 to 15, and there is an adult in that area and there can be an argument, and that is what the police do not want."

Ward says that the young people are looking for items to sell.

"I think that's money for drugs and cigarettes, cigarettes are expensive, drugs are expensive and their parents do not give them money, so they look for things they can steal."

He says that they send a message to young people that the police will not tolerate this behavior.

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