Hero helicopter paramedic reunites with stab survivors


Danielle Johanson and Samantha Wenzlick are reunited with Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter pilot Marcel Driessen.

A girl and a woman who have been through life-threatening allergies through insects have been reunited with the man who saved them.

Danielle Johanson, 12, was stung four times by wasps and rescued three times by the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopters.

Samantha Wenzlick was alone at home with her two baby daughters when she was stung by a bee, and collapsed for her girls after ringing for help.

Both Danielle and Wenzlick were reunited for the first time with intensive care paramedic Marcel Driessen on the beach Snells Beach in North Auckland.

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There was also a helicopter present when singer Ladi6 & # 39; almost died & # 39; after he was stabbed on Waitangi Day by a bee in Matheson Bay.

Jude and Danielle Johanson from Snells Beach are happy to have been reunited with the helicopter paramedic who saved Danielle ...

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Jude and Danielle Johanson from Snells Beach are happy to have been reunited with the helicopter para-patient who rescued Danielle – Marcel Driessen.

Danielle, who was in the 8th year at Mahurangi College, was put on February 24 for the first time when she cut some bushes.

"I put my hand in the nest of a wasp and felt a stab.I did not know that I was allergic and slowly felt my throat begin to get tighter," she said.

"There was an ambulance and then a helicopter flew to the hospital."

Ladi6 was stung by a bee in Matheson Bay on Waitangi Day.

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Ladi6 was stung by a bee in Matheson Bay on Waitangi Day.

Danielle was bullied for the second time on March 2, when she turned on her mother's sweater.

"I suspect that there was a wasp in her sleeve, I felt a stab in my arm and saw something fly away.

"I started coughing and could not breathe properly, and then I fainted, and I could hear my mother calling 111 on the phone, and again the helicopter took me."

The Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter has already been called nine bees or wasp stinges in 2018.


The Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter has already been called nine bees or wasp stinges in 2018.

Three days later Danielle was stabbed again while she tried to get her cat out of a hedge.

Driessen appeared in a helicopter and the crew was surprised to see Danielle for the third time.

Driessen said that Danielle felt a huge, life-threatening reaction and was in a critical condition.

"The local firefighters were the first responders and they had stabilized after a few adrenaline rounds," he said.

"The helicopter brought her to the Starship Hospital and the constant movement in the hospital put her back, because after puncturing you have toxins in your system."

Danielle's mother, Jude Johanson, said that injecting needles into her daughter was frightening and she felt sick every time she did it.

"Now we always have adrenaline and an EpiPen in the neighborhood."

Danielle was put in school for the fourth time, possibly by a wasp in a fruit barrel. That time no helicopter was needed because Danielle injected himself with an EpiPen.

She said that the second stab was the worst when she became unconscious, but her mother could hear crying on the phone.

For Johanson, the first stab was the worst because she did not know Danielle was seriously allergic, and it was a real shock, she said.

"The first time the helicopter arrives, you think that this & je; twos must be bad & # 39; the second and third time it is a relief and [you think] & # 39; Yay they & # 39; re coming & # 39 ;. "

Wenzlick collapsed on May 1 after being stabbed to the toes by a bee on her estate in Waiwera.

She said she had been stabbed before, but had never had such a serious reaction.

"I knew something was wrong, so I opened the gates, tied the dogs and called my mother and said to her." It's probably nothing else than I'm stung.

"I told my girls" did not go anywhere ", then felt very lightheaded and collapsed in. My mother called an ambulance after she tried to call me back and there was no answer.

"Fortunately my mother-in-law lives nearby and she came to me and gave me two EpiPens, I remember woke up and heard a helicopter around me, and thought," This must be bad. "

Spokesman for Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, Lincoln Davies, said in 2018 that the crew went on 13 missions for severe allergic reactions, with nine bees or wasp stings.

"On the same day we got Danielle's first incident, we also had to help another young girl in Pakari who had an allergic reaction to nuts," he said.

In 2017, crew members received 10 missions involving patients with severe allergic reactions, with only two bee or wasp stings.

Other allergies that have responded in recent years are medicines, sore lice bites and seafood.

Rodney, where Danielle and Wenzlick live, has been responsible for 10 of the 22 missions in which the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter participated over the last two years.

Waiheke Island accounted for nine of the missions.

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