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Speaker Trevor Mallard has called an investigation to find out who leaked the costs of the national leader Simon Bridges.

The national leader confirmed that he received an anonymous message last Thursday from a person who claimed that he had leaked his expense information.
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The investigation started after a call from Mr Bridges to eradicate the leaker, in the interest of maintaining public confidence in those elected members of parliament.

But Mr. Mallard has alarmed that investigation after the alleged weaker who is Mr. Mallard and Mr. Bridges posting the responsibility for the violation.

De Texelaar, who did not reveal their identity, said that they were a member of parliament for the national partyand if someone is excluded in public, this would seriously damage his or her mental health.

Speaker Trevor Mallard shows Whena around his office full of history and old wigs

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"The existence of and part of the details of a text, both the leader of the opposition and I received last week, has been described," said Mallard.

"Now it has been confirmed to me that the person who leaked the details of the expenses and the texter is the same person.

"He or she has details about events where it is unlikely that someone outside the National Party would be known.

"The text is from someone who is clearly very disturbed and the publicity of today will almost certainly make it worse.

"My priority is to get appropriate support, whether this is a member of parliament or a staff member.

"I discussed my decision with Hon Simon Bridges, he does not agree and he wants the investigation to continue.

"I have informed him that the parliamentary department will work together if he decides that he wants to conduct an investigation and that there are suitable permissions from members of parliament."

The police know the alleged identity of the leaker, but will not tell Simon Bridges

M. Bridges, at an earlier press conference, said the police knew the identity of the person who reported him, but they would not reveal their identity.

Mr. Bridges confirmed that he received an anonymous message last Thursday from a person who claimed to have leaked the information.

The author had also said that she suffered mental health problems and that "significant harm" would be inflicted on them if the leak investigation were continued, Bridges said.

The opposition leader said that he had informed the police on Friday of the report after receiving "important advice from mental health experts on how to proceed with this very relevant issue".

"My biggest concern was for the well-being of this person," Bridges said.

On Sunday evening, the police contacted Mr. Bridges, who said they knew who the person was and that they were being treated for their psychological problems.

The police said there was no safety problem for the person.

"I specifically asked for Mr. Mallard's investigation what the position would be if it were to happen and the police had never informed that the investigation should not go ahead," Bridges said.

"They made it clear that they were working under the assumption that it would happen and if that were the case, they would inform the person in question to make sure they would receive specific help and support and support that they would would need. "

Mr. Bridges said the police would not reveal the person's identity despite the opposition leader's question.

"They gave me nothing from which I could deduce who the person was, their opinion was unless there were specific compelling factors such as security, they would not reveal it in the interest of privacy," he said.

& # 39; Some comment has been made about the fact that this person may have determined that they … are specific about being part of the caucus of the National Party.

"There are some credible scenarios that really mean that I can not say whether they are a national MP, another MP, someone in parliamentary services or even broader than that.

"In the end I do not know who this is."

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