Is goat milk the next big thing in the infant food market?

Hopefully goat milk is the next big thing in the infant formula market.

A new government program of 30 million dollars is looking for ways to grow the goat milk industry.

The Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) program, which was launched yesterday, has set its sights on the development of a sustainable, high-quality milk formula for infant formula in New Zealand.

Caprine Innovations NZ (CAPRINZ) is a five-year, $ 29.65 million PGP program between the Department of Primary Industries (MPI) and Dairy Goat Co-operative (NZ) Ltd.

The final goals include improving the health and well-being of families and providing a number of benefits, such as increasing research and agricultural capacity and increasing export earnings in the dairy goat milk industry in New Zealand to $ 400 million per year by 2023.

CEO of Dairy Goat Cooperative, David Hemara, told Mike Hosking that there is a huge potential in the market.

"The thing we need to do is really invest significantly in science and in clinical research to provide evidence of the positive benefits that goat milk offers in infant formula."

Listen below to Mike Hosking's interview with David Hemara:

The CAPRINZ PGP program will develop innovative tools to enable all goat farmers in New Zealand to measure and improve their performance, without any economic gain at the expense of rural areas.

Hemara says there is "huge potential" in goats and the new program will take the industry to the "next level".

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