Is the "token degradation" of Clare Curran a sign of weakness?

Clare Curran has lost important digital portfolios

Clare Curran has lost important digital portfolios

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The decision to allow Clare Curran to keep one of its ministerial portfolios after being dumped from the cabinet is a sign of government weakness, said Brett Hudson, spokesman for the Digital Services national government.

Such claims follow the news that Curran – responsible for all things that are digital within the government – has been removed from major portfolios after disclosing a second undeclared meeting.

Premier Jacinda Ardern announced the move at a press conference outside her electorate office in Auckland on Friday, August 24th.

As reported by Reseller News, Curran lost its government ministry and responsibility for Open Government after an unreported meeting in February with tech entrepreneur and astronaut pending & # 39; Derek Handley.

"It is almost comical that Ms. Curran, who had the Associate State Services (Open Government) portfolio to this day, failed once or twice to answer Parliament's written questions accurately," said Hudson.

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