Limbrick Maxi Mart deprived for the second time in two months

The Limbrick Maxi Mart has been deprived twice in the last two months. (File photo)


The Limbrick Maxi Mart has been deprived twice in the last two months. (File photo)

A dairy owner remained frustrated after his shop was robbed for the second time in two months.

The police were called to Limbrick St, Palmerston North, after the Limbrick Maxi Mart was robbed just before 8.30 am on Saturday.

It is the second time that the store has been robbed by a group of armed people in the past two months, with the first robbery on 23 July.

In this robbery, four men entered the dairy factory with hammers and bats and took cash and cigarettes with them before they left in a late-modern, dark-colored Mitsubishi SUV.

* Money and cigarettes taken in Palmerston North dairy roof
* Palmerston North dairy deprived, money and cigarettes ingested

The shop owner Sanjay said that the men entered the shop, were threatened and then robbed him.

He recognized one of the men of the previous robbery and said they were armed with the same weapons, including hammers and bats.

Sanjay said that the robberies were "frustrating".

"It should not happen to anyone.

"The government must do something about the criminals.

"Increase the law, that's all we ask."

He said that shop owners wanted tougher penalties to be imposed on people who commit heavy assaults and he thought it would cause serious damage to an owner before that happened.

"That is all they are waiting for, something serious will happen and then they will look at it.

"It happens everywhere, they have to look at something."

Detective Sergeant Jonny Oram said the police were looking for observations from the Mitsubishi SUV that they thought were involved.

"If someone has seen a vehicle that meets that description, or saw something in the neighborhood somewhere nearby, they are asked to contact Palmerston North police."

Anyone with information can contact the police on 06 351 3600 or provide information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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