Man who is arrested after a robbery in the police

Last night the police were still investigating the theft of a bottle shop in Hastings in which a person fled with what had allegedly been part of the cash register.

However, the police did not confirm what was taken or what weapons were used in the robbery, which took place around 18.25 hours in a bottle shop in the Angus Inn complex on Railway Rd and adjacent to the Hastings racecourse.

The police also did not confirm that there was a link between the robbery and the police that met at an address across the road at the corner of the Karamu and Pattison roads and removed a person barely 15 minutes after the robbery.

A person was thought to have worn a bandana, balaclava or hood to disguise the face.

The police said that nobody was injured in the robbery, but the people involved were "understandably shocked".

The bottle shop has been deprived several times over the years, most recently understood in 2010, when a man who had recently been released from prison fled with only one can of Bourbon and Coke, leaving him in the cell for another two years.

Aggravated robbery has a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

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