Marine gets a compromise ship from the government

Marine gets a compromise ship from the government

The government has committed itself today to do something like Defense
Minister Ron Mark and his NZ First Colleagues criticized
Opposition: compromise purchases of defense goods
that were not built to do the jobs that were expected of them,
National Defense spokesman, Mark Mitchell, says.

"This is a government with a now proven fiscal gap and
that begins to influence the investments it makes,
including long-awaited upgrades for Defense assets.

"The 85 meter long Norwegian ship Edda Fonn will come
the Royal New Zealand Navy already 15 years old. It is a
research and light construction ship, not the dive,
hydrographic and mine spaceship approved for purchase
in 2016.

"The government will have to reinstall it later
an unspecified further cost for taxpayers on top of
the purchase price of $ 103 million.

"The Edda Fonn is
not the kind of Littoral Support Vessel the Defense Force
has set up a strong business case to replace the now retired
Ships Resolution and Manawanui.

"Only last month
the Minister of Defense said there had been too many
examples in the past where purchasing decisions have been made
the wrong decision, where we have chosen a commercial option
only to discover that it does not work there in the army

"He went on to say:" In fact, some of them
do not even work in a civilian role. We will not do that
cut corners & # 39 ;.

"During that interview, Mark has to do that
have known that he was about to
purchase of a commercial survey and light construction
ship that had to be overhauled
to change it into the marine's diving and hydrographic vessel

"Mr. Mark has to explain how much this is
process will cost, and or all specifications in the
business case approved in 2016 will be mounted on the Edda

"If the converted ship can not do everything
the functions in that business case that Mr Mark will have
a compromise solution of the kind that he criticized

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