New Zealand marketplace channel to stimulate digital public procurement processes

The channel is co-designed by the government and suppliers and aims to reduce the barriers faced by suppliers when dealing with the government. More than 90% of the organizations involved in the test phase were small or medium-sized companies.

A new era in digital public procurement processes was ushered in by the announcement of the Marketplace in New Zealand.

As market leader in the field of digital public procurement, the marketplace will be able to drastically reduce barriers for suppliers that are involved with the government.

Minister Clare Curran of Government Digital Services has announced Marketplace during a Transforming Procurement & # 39; event in Wellington for the ICT industry and government leaders.

According to the report released by the Government of New Zealand, Marketplace is an example of transformational thinking in action in which the government and the broader market work together to achieve better results for all New Zealanders.

It is co-designed by suppliers and government agencies as part of an ongoing effort to change the way they work together. By reducing the barriers for suppliers in contacts with the government, purchasing becomes easier for agencies.

Procurement will be adapted in a much more flexible and flexible process that benefits from what digital platforms have to offer. The Marketplace will simplify how the government buys ICT.

This makes it easier for organizations, especially small and emerging suppliers, to cooperate with the government.

More than 90% of the vendors involved in testing the Marketplace are small or medium-sized organizations in New Zealand.

The feedback from the suppliers was positive and proved that the Marketplace approach would be a win-win situation for both customers and suppliers.

About NZ $ 3 billion is spent every year by the government on ICT. This budget includes capital and operational expenses.

With the Marketplace, the government occupies a leading position in the entire field of digital purchasing in order to steer digital transformation and create an open government.

The goal is to enable the ICT community to grow with New Zealand, to contribute to the economy and to continue to support greater social inclusion and better public services.

Marketplace has recently been tested with agencies and suppliers and will start soon. It will start by allowing agencies to access a catalog of cloud-based services before being expanded to offer other products and solutions.

The first iteration of the Marketplace would provide software as a service. The real approach to co-design will be continued, with suppliers having an input about where the Marketplace is going next.

This is an example of how the New Zealand government creates value and promotes innovation for the country.

The channel will make involvement with the government easy to navigate, quickly and easily. All New Zealanders will also experience this, regardless of whether they have access to a service or running a business.

The "Transforming Procurement" event is part of New Zealand's commitment to the Group of Digital Government Officials, known as the OECD E-Leaders Forum, which New Zealand currently chairs.

A previously announced announcement at the New Zealand Ministry of the Interior highlighted for suppliers of public cloud services to participate in the beta test phase of the Marketplace.

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