New Zealand minister cycles to the hospital at 42 weeks pregnant

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – It was a beautiful morning, according to the New Zealand minister for women, so she decided to step on her electric bicycle after 42 weeks of pregnancy and drive to the hospital to give birth to her first child.

Julie Anne Genter has this week placed a picture of herself outside the Auckland City Hospital on her bike, stating that she was ready to be induced and & # 39; finally get this baby.

"This is it, wish us happiness!" she wrote, adding that "My partner and I were cycling because there was not enough space in the car for the support team … but it also brought me in the best possible mood!"

Genter announced that she had given birth to a healthy boy of nearly 9.5 kilos Tuesday evening.

"We waited a long time for the delivery, but when it happened it was short and powerful," she wrote on Facebook.

She was congratulated on Twitter by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who gave birth to a daughter, Neve, two months ago.

"So happy to hear that the latest addition to the parliamentary playgroup is safe," wrote Ardern. "I hope you enjoy the first few days."

Genter's ride to the hospital made news all over the world and her Instagram photo was noticed by actress Kristen Bell, who wrote on Twitter "what a babe."

Genter, 38, wrote that the ride with partner Peter Nunns was "mostly downhill" and joked that she "probably should have cycled more in the last few weeks", to start her work earlier.

Ardern, 38, was only the second chosen world leader in modern times to give birth while he was working, after the late Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, in 1990 bore the daughter Bakhtawar.

Ardern is admired by many working women around the world. She and Genter gave birth in the same public hospital.

Genter was born in Minnesota and graduated from U.C. Berkeley before moving to New Zealand in 2006.

A member of the liberal Green Party, Genter is also associated minister for transport and a strong proponent of cycling.

The Green Party tweeted that her ride to the hospital was "the most #onbranded thing ever".

Genter said she was not going to cycle home from the hospital and instead would drive her mother and her baby in an electric car, while other family members would bring the bikes home.

"I cycled to the hospital for the joy of it!" she wrote on Facebook and added that she "knew it might be a last time last time".

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