Noel Leeming guilty of deceiving consumers

Technology and equipment trader Noel Leeming admitted misleading consumer rights after customer complaints led to an investigation by the trade commission.

The company, owned by The Warehouse Group Limited, has been found guilty by canceling eight charges under the Fair Trading Act this week.

Later this year, a lengthy court hearing will take place in the court of Auckland.

In April, the Trade Commission filed suit against Noel Leeming for violating the Consumer Guarantees Act by misrepresenting the rights of the consumer.

The costs followed an investigation into customer complaints about the right to seek legal remedies for defective goods from Noel Leeming and not the manufacturer, the right to repayment for defective products and the right to replace a defective product.

Each complaint related to another complainant in several Noel Leeming stores between September 2015 and January 2017.

Customers had purchased or considered consumer goods such as mobile phones, laptops and household appliances when the violations occurred.

The Commission said that since 2007 she has given warnings or compliant advice letters to Noel Leeming on three occasions.

The Warehouse Group has told it New Zealand Herald it would not respond before the conviction.

But after the indictment was filed, a spokesperson for Noel Leeming said: "We are disappointed with the enforcement decision of the Commission, without the possibility to investigate or discuss the complaints.

"We take our compliance responsibilities seriously and we want to do the right thing by our customers."

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