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The breakfast team paid homage to the popular TVNZ journalist and presenter Greg Boyed, who died in Switzerland this week.

Presenters Hayley Holt, Jack Tame, Daniel Faitaua and Matty Mclean sat together this morning and shared their precious memories of him.

"Depression is something that affects far too many people in this country and Greg's death reminds us that depression does not discriminate," says Hayley.

"For someone who struggled and clearly struggled with his own demons, one thing I heard telling people about TVNZ was exactly what a friendly and caring man was yesterday," says Matty.

"He was always the one who was encouraging, made sure everyone was OK and cared for the people, gave them advice and help.

"He was so nice person, it is sad to think that he was struggling alone.

"Greg was a mentor but also had a witty and charismatic sense of humor," says Daniel.

"He would do everything he could … Greg was just sober.

"These demons are a reminder for all of us to check in," he says.

"If the last day reminded us of something, it's simple things, as if life is really fickle, so try to enjoy the little pleasures every day," says Jack.

"Ask for help and tell people you like."

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