Penguin of the Year – who will it be?

For just a year now the National Aquarium of New Zealand's crowd-pleasing Little Penguins have attracted worldwide attention for their antics (some good, some bad).

Now is your favorite National Aquarium of New Zealand Penguin of the Year Awards.

For the past year keepers at the National Aquarium we have voting for each and every year. Timmy and Betty were the inaugural winners in June 2017 and when their photos were posted on the internet, with Timmy as naughty penguin or the month capturing special interest.

Followers of the Aquarium's Facebook and Instagram pages eagerly await the messages, Kerry Hewitt, National Aquarium Acting Manager. "About a year on, the Little Penguins are as popular as ever, with lots of people that are very special penguin encounter. where they can feed the penguins, and learn about conservation and the challenges penguins face in our environment. "

These special penguins really have captured the hearts of Facebook followers and the aquarium to share its conservation messages, he adds.

All of the Little Penguins at the National Aquarium are there because they need help from the National Aquarium's specialist staff. They have been brought in because they have been abandoned as chicks, are partially sighted, have become sick in the wild, or have been injured in dog attacks. Some of them are missing flippers due to getting caught in fishing nylon.

The National Aquarium is a rehabilitation center for most of the Little Penguins, sending them back to the wild when they are recovered and ready. Some penguins are unfortunately not permanent enough to return to their natural habitats, so they find a permanent home there.

The top two finalists are open from today until 10 October on the National Aquarium's website – – where you can also learn more about the National Aquarium's Little Penguins them special.

Two finalists will then be announced for a vote on social media platforms. The announcement of Penguin of the Year is due to be made on October 31st.

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