Pet stag & # 39; shameless & # 39; butchered by poachers in North Canterbury

A couple from North Canterbury is in shock after their pet was slaughtered.

Lisa Bullock said her partner Allan Rhodes called her Monday morning after she had made the creepy discovery of their 12-point deer while she checked the stock.

"He just said" that you can get better here ", I knew then that something bad had happened.

"I just could not believe what they had done, there was only a carcass left, they had the head, the legs and the flesh removed and everything was taken away.

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"He was a sweet animal, he would come straight to the house and he loved the sheep, Allan could feed him from his hands," Bullock said.

Bullock believed the poachers were on their Depot Rd site in Oxford, near the River Eyre, through the river bed and cutting a wire to enter the paddock.

"It's just heartrending, he was absolutely beautiful and someone has come to our private property and has done this – it's not hunting, it's absolutely disgusting."

The couple offers a $ 2000 reward for all information that leads to prosecution.

This incident comes just a few months after another family breeding stallion was beheaded on their property on Ashley Gorge Rd in Oxford in May.

The poachers took the head, but left the meat. In that case no arrests have been made, but investigations are being continued.

Oxford Constable Aaron Campbell said that syrups was an ongoing issue in the area, but this was the first time he had seen something similar.

"It is brutal, there are three houses in the neighborhood.

"It would not have been quick to cut that deer into pieces, and given the appearance of the carcass it seemed that they knew exactly what they were doing, there is a lot of precision."

Campbell said the head and neck were removed, there was no bullet, so there was little information at this time to continue.

He had recently sued two people with illegal hunting at Coal Creek Estate near Oxford.

The poachers had gone to the private grounds and had killed a goat and a red deer.

Campbell said that social media and word-of-mouth advertising led to arrests in that case and he hoped it would help.

"The owners last saw the deer in the paddock at 11:00 on Saturday morning and then discovered the remains on Monday morning.

"So if someone has seen something in that time or has heard something since then, I would urge them to contact me."


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