Peter Dutton & smashed & # 39; Australia with the treatment of Kiwi's prisoner, says immigration lawyer 1 NEWS NOW

An Australian immigration lawyer believes that New Zealanders who are being held in Australia will have a chance to stay now that Peter Dutton has resigned.

Mr Dutton stepped down from his ministerial portfolios yesterday, including Immigration and Border Protection, after he had unleashed Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister of Australia.

Dutton had been the face of Australia's harsh attitude towards immigration since late 2014.

The 169 New Zealand men, women and children detained in Australian detention centers probably know well.

Lee Tepuia had spent almost two years in immigration detention after losing his visa because of his character as a member of the rebel motorcycle club.

He won an important case against the Australian government last year.

The High Court of Australia ruled that a law that allowed Mr. Dutton as immigration minister to preserve the reasons why he had originally canceled Mr. Tepuia's visa was declared unconstitutional.

But within a few hours after the victory, Mr Dutton had withdrawn Mr Tepuia's visa again.

Mr. Tepuia now lives in New Zealand with his family, he was happy when he heard that Mr. Dutton had resigned.

"Oh he's just a bad person, that's all he is, you know, see what he did to a lot of people, destroyed their families and destroyed their lives."

Mr. Tepuia said that he blamed only Mr. Dutton, and not the Australian government, for the way he was treated.

Aliens lawyer Greg Barns thinks that the detainees have a better chance of appealing against Mr. Dutton's decisions to revoke their visa.

"Depending on who becomes a minister, they may have a better chance of staying in Australia, but it depends on who becomes the minister."

Robert Ayson, professor of strategic studies at the University of Victoria, doubts whether immigration policy will change significantly.

"Although Malcolm Turnbull is from the moderate side of the liberal party, he had to follow a hard line on some of these issues for national political reasons.

"It is difficult to see him change too much, partly because it exposes him too much to the conservative side of liberal politics in Australia."

Dutton does not exclude another challenge

Mr Barns said that in recent years Mr Dutton had caused enormous atrocities against New Zealanders and others and he hoped that the person who permanently replaced him would come from the more moderate wing of the liberal party.

The leadership bid failed with a split of 48-35 in favor of Mr. Turnbull. After the loss, Mr. Dutton resigned and headed for the back seats where he refused to exclude a second challenge.

Mr Barns is of the opinion that Mr Dutton is ready to make another turn in the leadership, but he said that while he was popular in parts of the conservative state of Queensland, the question was whether Australians would support him as prime minister .

Mr Barns said that Mr Dutton had the reputation of Australia on the international scene & # 39; smeared & # 39; with his hardline and inhumane treatment of New Zealanders, refugees and asylum seekers.

However, Mr Barns said that if he became the leader of the liberal party, it would be more the same.

"Although he will not be a foreign minister, there is no doubt that his government continues to prosecute visa renewals, and that has much more influence on New Zealanders than any other group in Australia."

Scott Morrison was the architect of the changes in 2014 that made it easier to withdraw visas. He is now treasurer and minister of temporary immigration.

Mr Barns thinks that he will provide only a short time for the immigration portfolio and there will be a broader rearrangement, but Iwi's Filipa Payne in Oz is not so optimistic.

She has been in every detention center in Australia and said yesterday that her phone got off the hook of detainees who were excited about the resignation of Mr. Dutton.

She said that there was a big relief that the MP had left and that he had applied the law with so much violence "that he actually injured and damaged many people in Australia and the rest of the world, I believe many people have a business I hope this will bring change – I am a bit more cautious myself. "

Payne thinks that Mr. Dutton will certainly make another attempt to disrupt the power of Malcolm Turnbull, which she said would affect every non-Australian on the other side of the Tasman.

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