Planned changes to continue for moving to CBD

Changes in the care models for mental health and diabetes, coupled with the likelihood of increased construction costs in the current environment, have led to the Health Board (DHB) of Waikato having decided to endorse its proposals for the CBD building (old farmers) in Hamilton. to fit .

Interim director Derek Wright told the DHB board that the project during Wednesday's meeting had to stay within the budget of $ 14.7 million, so that adaptation to the changes in the CBD building was not an option.

It would have cost at least $ 23 million and could be delayed for another two years due to the approvals from the Ministry of Health.

"That is simply not an option," he told the board.

A large part of the original project size could be delivered within the budget and could be completed by August next year.

Approximately 700 staff will still be located in the CBD building; some move from the Waiora Waikato Hospital site to make room for clinical expansion and to prioritize ambulatory (walking) services in the hospital.

Other staff are currently working from rented space elsewhere in the city and would move into a phased process, Mr Wright said.

The merging of staff from different services in one place was always part of the original business plan because of the savings in rent, a reduction of the fleet and improved interaction between staff groups.

Once the CBD has been set up, excess space and rented space on KPMG Tower Level 9 can also be vacated, resulting in more savings, said Mr. Wright.

Diabetes and adult mental health care remain at their sites in Clarence and London Street to take into account their new care models that could not be delivered clinically from the CBD building.

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