Prison officer caught on camera and kicked prisoner in his head

Images captured by the camera movement of a prison officer show that his colleague kicks a prisoner in his head while lying on the floor.

The footage was played on a jury in the Supreme Court in Auckland, where two Correction officers are accused of kicking and breaking the prisoner's ankle.

Desmond Fa & Afo has been accused of injuring a prisoner and Wiremu Paikea with causing severe physical injury.

A third officer, Viju Devassy, ​​has been accused of attempts to pervert the legal process by keeping a security camera away from the violence. All three have not pleaded guilty.

Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer looked at the images of the body camera and other fixed security cameras around the Paremoremo prison when the police investigated how prisoner Mitai Angell had a composite fracture about his ankle.

He said that the images captured on the body camera of Viju Devassy in May last year showed his fellow correction officer Desmond Fa & # 39; who approached Angell while he was lying on the floor.

"The" calls "coincided with the first two spades of Corrections officer Fa & # 39; afoi, an unknown official from Corrections says" camera, camera & # 39; " said Mr. Brewer.

Desmond Fa & # 39; afoi (left), Wiremu Paitea (middle) and Viju Devassy (right).

Desmond Fa & # 39; afoi (left), Wiremu Paitea (middle) and Viju Devassy (right).
Photo: RNZ / Jessie Chiang

The prosecutor of the crown, David Wiseman, said the images showed that Mr. Devassy tried to ward off Mr. Fa's leg in an attempt to stop him from kicking Mr. Angell.

The recording also caught a voice.

"On recordings you can hear the words:" Des, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough "in response to the kicks, as well as the words:" Camera, camera & # 39 ;, " said Mr. Wiseman.

Another piece of footage captured on the security cameras of the prison shows another Correction officer Wiremu Paikea squatting on the legs of Angell.

The officer seems to be struggling. When he gets up and leaves, Angell's foot seems unnaturally perpendicular to his leg.

A third piece of footage, which may not be broadcast, shows prison officer Viju Devassy in the control room of Bravo Block with the help of the equipment. De Kroon said he was adjusting the CCTV camera and away from the action.

How it unfolded

Desmond Fa & # 39; afoi was attacked when prisoners returned from the recreation room. The prisoners were patched when Trent Wellington attacked Mr. Fa & # 39; af.

Public Prosecutor David Wiseman said that the prisoners Mitai Angell and Samuel Junior Hutchins participated.

"Mr. Fa & # 39; afoi fell to the ground, Angell and Hutchins then stood over him and hit his head countless times with shafts, makeshift weapons made by prisoners who often have a blade," said Mr. Wiseman.

They have repeatedly put Mr Fa & # 39; afoi on the head and neck.

The former prison officer, now policeman Sophie Stevenson, saw the attack unfold and tried to tackle Wellington.

"As I touched Wellington, I looked to the left and I saw Des, Desmond Fa & # 39; afoi, with two prisoners on top of him – Angell and Hutchins – and they both waved his head and neck, a lot of blood on the back of Des & # 39; head, & # 39; she said.

Mrs. Stevenson ran to help Mr. Fa'th, and grabbed the prisoner Hutchins and pulled him away.

She said Hutchins put her in her face and pushed her.

Mr. Wiseman said that a back-up had arrived and that the prisoners were reluctant, but despite that, Correction officers used excessive force when Mr. Angell was lying on the floor.

"On this point the Crown claims that the defendant, Mr. Fa & # 39; afko, kicked three times against Mr. Angell."

[h] Jury members insisted on putting aside sympathy

Mr. Wiseman acknowledges that the judges can feel sympathy towards Mr. Fa & # 39; afoi – he says he has worked in a very difficult and sometimes scary environment. But he urged them to put aside some sympathy.

Mr. Fa & # 39; aforementioned, Todd Simmonds, said his client never intended to injure Angell.

"Multiple strokes on his head, stabbing wounds, cuts, abrasions, bleeding and the effect it had on him … and his ability to think right, to appreciate what he was doing at the time – that's the defense You will see that on the images, but did he mean it? "

Mr. Paikea's lawyer, Aaron Perkins QC, said his client struggled with Angell's legs.

"In a nutshell, Mr Paikea, he did his job easily, in very difficult circumstances, to his best ability."

Mr. Devassy's lawyer, Paul Borich QC, said his client had been attacked by prisoners the previous year.

He said the attack left an impression on his client and he read extracts from his client's interview with the police.

"It's all panic and in a hurry at that moment … To be honest … for me, just to see Des, that was enough because it's kind of … bringing back lots of flashbacks for me, as if I were seeing myself."

He said that his client moved the camera to check if there were other prisoners in the neighborhood – it was not to distort justice.

The trial, for Justice Gordon and a jury, continues.

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