Request canceled (24 August 2018)

Excluded examination

MEDIA RELEASE 24 August 2018

Mallard, chairman of the House, canceled the investigation
in the source of the National Party leak and
accommodation costs that would have been incurred by
Michael Heron QC.

"The existence of, and part of the
detail of, a text both the leader of the opposition and me
received last week has been reported. It has now been
confirmed to me that the person who leaked the details
the expenses and the texter are the same person. He or she
has details about events that it is unlikely that anyone outside the
National party would become known. "Trevor Mallard

"The text is from someone who is clearly whole
disturbed and the publicity of today will almost certainly make
that is worse. My priority is to get appropriate support
regardless of whether they are an MP or a staff member.

"I discussed my decision with Hon Simon Bridges.
He does not agree. He wants the research to continue. I
have indicated to him that the parliamentary service will do so
cooperate if he decides that he wants to continue with one
research and appropriate permissions of MPs are within
Place. The general manager will make all relevant staff members

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