Shots fired in a busy North Shore bar

The police are investigating a shooting and a robbery in a bar on the North Shore last night.

Just before 22:00 two men with a pistol entered the bar The Good Home on Birkenhead Avenue and shot into the air.

The bar was busy at the time.

One person sustained a slight head wound after he tried to intervene.

The two perpetrators left the scene in a white Subaru, which was found at a short distance in Roseberry Avenue, Birkenhead.

A North Shore license trust, which owns the bar, said the thieves had done more than just take the money from the pub.

The deputy chairman of the trust, Shane Prince, said that about 40 people were in the bar when gunshots were fired and it was the second time this year that the bar had been robbed.

"The Birkenhead Licensing Trust distributes around 1.5 to 1.6 million per year to the community, to all the different types of groups that need funding, that's the strong point of view of the manager at the time, look that you're not really bar robbed, you robbed a community. "

They were still assessing how much money was being raised, Prince said.

The police said camera images were being investigated and they were talking to witnesses.

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