Shots fired, woman stabbed at marae who organizes a 21st birthday party

A woman suffered critical injuries after being stabbed into a Hawke & # 39; s Bay marae who organized a 21st birthday party on Saturday night.

Two men were also admitted to hospital with injuries.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that gunshots had been fired before they were called to skirmish in Moteo shortly after 10 pm.

No one was hurt by the gunshots, she said.

The woman was stabbed in the Moteo-marae, she said.

"There are ongoing questions and there was a scene guard at night."

A local, who does not wish to be called, told it Herald Moteo Pa Rd, Swamp Rd and parts of Omaranui Rd were dropped off by armed police on Saturday night.

She first saw the flashing lights of a passing ambulance, but was brought to a halt at the end of Vicarage Rd late at night by the cordon.

"There were about 11 police cars that I could see," she said.

There was a great presence of the police and they were all heavily armed, she said.

"Every policeman I saw was well-armed, with protective vests and a completely long rifle."

She said she had to turn her car around.

"I did not have to go anywhere."

Fortunately, the doors were open in a nearby café, she said.

"I had my daughter in my car and we left the Puketapu pub because they closed the doors and I did not want to put them out."

Returning to the cordon was painful for her daughter, she said.

She did not want to sit there, she wanted to go into town, where she was safe. & # 39;

They saw a small undamaged hatchback on the back of a hoist that was taken off the stage, she said.

About six cars went through when the cordon was lifted at about 1 am in the morning, she said.

She said she had never seen anything like it in the area before, with the exception of the strange party it was "usually pretty quiet out here".

Hamuera Moteo marae secretary Annette Purves confirmed that a 21-year-old birthday party was held in the Moteo marae last night and said she still found out information about what had happened.

According to the police, the Armed Offenders Squad was not present at the incident.

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