SkyCity Casino Auckland allows gambling support services as part of GHAW

SkyCity Casino Auckland has become the first gambling location in the city to open its doors to gambling services, giving them the chance to directly reach and support gambling addicts.

According to Hāpai Te Hauora, the local leader in public health, policy, advocacy, infrastructure, research and evaluation services, the step is unprecedented because the social services aimed at gambling addicts will immediately reach players trying to find help and support in their fight against gambling-related damage.

"We see ourselves as a real responsibility to ensure that those people who come to our premises enjoy their time and see gambling as a form of entertainment and enjoy it". – Callym Mallet, Support Services General Manager at SkyCity Casino Auckland for Māori Television.

Haylee Koroi The organization commented on the initiative, described SkyCity Casino as the biggest gambling location in New Zealand, where gambling behavior takes place and added that it was Hâpai Te Hauora's main goal to help any player in need of assistance, especially those who place bets on poker machines, also known as Pokies.

The move comes during the Gambling Harm Awareness Week (GHAW) that started on 3 September raise the awareness of local residents about gambling-related damage and gambling problem. SkyCity Casino Auckland has revealed that it plans to work hand in hand gambling services again during the GHAW in 2019.

Gambling Harm Awareness Week canceled on 3 September

The Gambling Harm Awareness Week began on September 3 for the awareness of New Zealanders for it possible damage that compulsively gambles could inflict. As previously reported by Casino Guardian, this is the inaugural initiative Pause the Pokies that is seen as part of the GHAW in New Zealand.

Problem gambling help organizations have been worried that the chance of a chance of playing games will remain highdespite the fact that the total participation rate of games of chance had decreased. That is why the Problem Gambling Foundation has launched the initiative to secure problem gamblers at least get the chance to stay away of the harmful poker machines for some time and probably looking for some help for their gambling habits.

According to the latest industry statistics there are currently 1,140 gambling sites in New Zealand, a figure that represents a decrease of 3.4% in their number.

Unfortunately, figures have shown that more money is spent on the 15,000 slot machines across the countrydespite the decrease recorded in the number of gambling opportunities. As previously reported by Casino Guardian, inhabitants of the Pacific region are the ones most exposed to gambling-related damage, with the highest percentage of gambling problems of 7.6%. Māori people became second, with a betting rate of 6.3%.

Recent research data also showed that the poorest communities in the country were the ones most affected by gambling-related damage. Reportedly, an average of NZ $ 56,500 on an annual basis was spent on gambling by underprivileged people who can hardly afford to spend so much money.

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