Speaker calls for research into Simon Bridges' cost leak

The President of Parliament has canceled an investigation into the leakage of Simon Bridges' expenses.

Trevor Mallard says he believes that the culprit responsible for leaking expenses comes from the National Party.

Mallard called the investigation Friday and said it was a matter within the National Party and therefore the parliament did not have to be involved.

The call comes after both Mallard and Bridges received anonymous text messages from someone who claims to be responsible last week.

Bridges told the media: "The text made it clear to me that it was the leaker."

"The text stated that it was in the national caucus, but it also made clear that this person had a long-term serious mental illness and serious problems in connection therewith."

Bridges says the police have confirmed the identity of the person behind the message.

Details of the author have not been released.

Bridges says, "I can say to you, I do not know, and I do not think I can safely say whether it's a national MP, whether it's another MEP, or whether it's someone from National Breder's staff."

Bridges rejected questions about whether the leakage rips in the party or the stability of its leadership has been revealed.

Former National Member of Parliament Claudette Hauiti, however, calls it disturbing times for the leader of the Māori.

"For some supporters of the National Party although that is enough for them, to be wary of having a leader who is Māori, and he has talked openly about treaty settlements and to be more connected and also Paula Bennett as to have his alternate.

"It might be a little uncomfortable for the right of supporters of the National Party, so yes, he has to be very careful."

Bridges says he hoped that the research would fathom the leak to the bottom, ensure the well-being of the controller and maintain parliamentary systems.

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