Tauranga Moana says conversations with senseless & # 39; Hauraki & # 39;

Hauraki iwi says that Tauranga Moana has rejected calls for tikanga calls in favor of a lawsuit. This follows the signing of the Hauraki Collective Redress earlier this month. But a representative from Tauranga Moana says that the calls for tikanga talks are now & # 39; senseless & # 39; to be.

The chairman of the Hauraki collective Paul Majurey says that a turnaround of the three Tauranga iwi to face face to face with Pare Hauraki has drawn attention to the fact that earlier protests for tikanga talks & # 39; less about principle and more about opportunity & # 39; were, as well as a & # 39; tactic & # 39; to postpone the Pare Hauraki settlement.

Majurey told Te Kāea that Hauraki Collective was still open for discussions.

"They want to take the process path instead of the Tikanga discussions they have been asking for for so long."

"As we said, we would have promised that we have now made those approaches and we are ready to conduct those discussions and we have discussed possible dates and locations."

But the spokesman for Tauranga Moana iwi, Patrick Nicholas, says the possibility for tikanga talks is useless & # 39; was because the deed had already been signed. Nicholas says that the act is a straightforward & # 39; raupatu & # 39; used to be.

"The Tikanga process is now meaningless, especially now that we have seen that the Crown has taken their position, they will not recognize anything else." They have committed to raupatu. "

Nicholas says they are now looking at the Waitanga tribunal to arrange the surplus treaty declaration.

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