The Block NZ: My Little Pony gets bad


Pony & # 39; s hit the fan when Amy and Stu realize that they are deceived by the sweet faces of Claire and Agni.

Do you know those moments, when you suddenly regret the choices you have made, and you prefer somewhere else, do something different, even eat glass?

If Agnie and Claire did not experience those emotions while they handed a bright pink My little ponythematic material for Amy and Stu, then I felt it for them.

The Tuesday night episode saw the teams busy building their bedroom, walk-in closet and ensuite.

The dreaded My Little Pony substance.

The dreaded My Little Pony substance.

This week, teams promised to play for the Give and Take. Amy and Stu selected fabrics that they had to hand over to Em and Chlo to take in their bedroom, Chlo and Em bought for the boys, and Agni and Claire selected fabrics for Amy and Stu's.

As with every TV show with good reality, it took a lot of fun & # 39; not long.

Something smelly when Amy helped so kindly and gave her "a little inspiration" while they were shopping. This is not the one we have seen in recent weeks, yet she was doing something about it?

By the way, it was not Amy who came up with a plan to put another team in the back. It was the fresh-faced Agni and Claire, and I bit my nails for fear of them.

Agni and Claire, and the boys and girls – to be honest, argued that if Amy and Stu were to win the next challenge, the chance that another team would win something would go "right down".

This is Amy's disappointed face when she heard that no one was playing with her.

This is Amy's disappointed face when she heard that no one was playing with her.

"House 4 does not need an extra point", argued Agni. "They already have a minus one, add another plus (revealing the prize for grabbing the room) and that is a two-point advantage."

"We have to give them something challenging."

It was a choice between The Minions fabric and My Little Pony. Agni went with My Little Pony. I died a bit internally for them.

That feeling when Mama bluffed you.

That feeling when Mama bluffed you.

Unknown to her, Amy came home to discover that Stu had made a decision to widen the shower. There is a small walkway between the vanity and the shower. Amy says she wants to hit him to make a design decision without her.

Stu seems excited by the idea that his now huge show can fit three people. Lord help us.

In that mood Amy walked outside to demand her material from Agni and Claire.

Chlo and Em realize at the last moment that they are trapped in the lions' den.

Chlo and Em realize at the last moment that they are trapped in the lions' den.

Claire thought, "we are all prepared for what's coming" as if it were a team effort. She is secretly terrified.

Now I am not a bad person, but after a binge-watching Orange is the new black in the past month I have learned that if you want to give someone the short end of the stick, do it in Godfather style. Like, "Gizzy's here, now go on your little pony" s and get out of here! & # 39;

Instead Claire wants to sink into the mud.

"Okay, we have your structure and the first thing we have to say is that you will not be happy with what we have chosen." You would become a terrible godfather, Claire.

It is the worst thing that Amy and Stu could have hoped for, but somehow they put it on Claire and Agni and said that they have to pay earlier in the season for the use of their builder and materials.

It is at this point that Claire regrets fighting fire.

Now it's Chlo and Em's turn to feel the anger of Amy and Stu.

They skip their way home four, happy as larry, to collect their dust from The Gizzys & # 39 ;.

Amy, who we can now take on, would make The Godfather proud, sit down, like Marlon Brando. The faces of the girls fall away when Amy says she would not give them the beautiful pretty fabric, because they worked together with Claire and Agni to sew something.

Someone gets Amy a cigar!

The girls talk their way out of the situation, but it's only when Amy gets it, as if she's the bigger person, she picks up her My Little Pony blanket and says, we'll deal with it.

Watch Wednesday night when The Godfather / My Little Pony turns into Pirates of the Carribean. Will there be a lot of work to be done? Probably not, especially if you are in the boys' team.

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