The heart-warming story about how a bullied sheep became friends with a wild pig


An unlikely friendship between a pig and a sheep has heated the hearts of thousands of people online.

A year ago, the old ram was bullied by younger sheep and the farmer chose to change it into his own field.

That is when the wild pig appeared.

Now a year later, the spotlight in the animal's friendship changed after Shelley, the farmer's sister, posted a picture on Twitter.

She explained that the two animals, nicknamed McDuff and Pig, had been friends since day one and now spend their time in the small neighborhood near Nelson, New Zealand.

"My brother cares very well for his animals and separated McDuff when he was bullied by the younger rams," Shelley, from Arrowtown, told Press Association.

"Last spring, a pig with McDuff found their way to the paddock and since then they are solid friends and they hang out all day long.

"She was clearly orphaned and found a new father and meals that were served daily."

More than 30,000 people liked the story and photo on Twitter.

"The reaction was heart-warming," Shelley added. "It started as a sweet Sunday night post for my 300 followers, I was expecting a few likes, so it was unbelievable to see how many hearts were touched."

She added that it was "good news in our crazy world".

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