The police encourages people to be aware of new telephone scams

The number of telephone scammers is increasing, says the police.

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They warn people of a new scam in which the caller claims to be from the police and Spark and tries to access the computers and bank accounts of victims.

Detective sergeant Damian Rapira-Davies said that the scammer told the victims that their computer was illegally accessed or used for criminal purposes.

The call is then transferred to someone who claims to be from the police authority of organized and financial crime (OFCANZ), who gives instructions on how they can provide access to the victim's device.

"Whether the scammer claims to be from the immigration ministry or the Chinese embassy or one of dozens and dozens of stories used, every story is meant to create fear for the person answering the phone," said Mr. Rapira-Davies. .

He said that OFCANZ was renamed and was no longer used within the police.

Mr Rapira-Davies said that older and more vulnerable members of the community were often the target.

"We have certainly tried to do a lot of work to help and advise the public [of scams]," he said.

Mr Rapira-Davies said that anyone who has been the victim of a scam, by phone or online, must immediately report the scam to their bank and the police.

"That money may not have left the country, it may still be on its way, it might be frozen and vice versa [the bank] is the first port of call when someone is scammed. "

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