The Porirua City Council supports the labeling of sugar on food and beverages

The Porirua City Council has supported a submission for labeling to clearly show the amount of added sugar in our food and drinks.

The submission to the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation calls for better labeling of sugar to help improve the dental situation, diabetes and obesity among young people and their families.

At a meeting of the board last night, acting mayor Izzy Ford said that clear labeling will help families make informed choices about the food they eat and drink.

"One of Porirua's strategic priorities is to put children and young people at the heart of our city and the health and well-being of our tamariki and rangatahi is important to us. We want our young people to grow up healthy and active and their families become good.

"So when some of our young people came to our advice to offer healthy options, we listened."

The Council recently adopted a policy on healthy drinks for events and facilities in the city, following requests from young people to remove carbonated drinks and to promote healthier options. A healthier dietary policy is under development.

Cr Ford said that the Council also plays an advocate role and the submission to improve the labeling of sugars on packaged foods and beverages is an example of this.

"We want to make our communities easier to make informed choices, we support a pictorial option that shows icons of teaspoons to represent the sugar content, because it is easy for children and young people to understand this, just like their families. "

"We recognize that changes in labeling will not necessarily lead to behavioral change, but many small changes, including the changes we are making as a board, will collectively have a positive impact over time."

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