The scenario & # 39; chicken egg & # 39; of the driver with the loss of his driver's license

Darren James Fowke, 27, had already lost his job


Darren James Fowke, 27, had already lost his job "because of his employer's perception of him" after the offender, his lawyer said.

A Blenheim man lost his driving license after his sixth drink drive, despite the fact that his lawyer claimed that it would prevent him from getting a job.

Darren James Fowke, 27, was caught drunk driving at Alfred St in Blenheim around 2:30 pm on 8 July and gave a breath test result of 734 micrograms of alcohol per liter of breath. The legal limit is 250mcg.

Fowke gave Monday a charge for driving under the influence to the court of Blenheim, where his lawyer Nick McKessar judge Tony Zohrab asked to keep his driver's license.

The former warehouse man would be stuck to the benefit for jobseekers if he was disqualified for driving, McKessar said.

"It's a bit of a chicken egg scenario, he might have a limited license if he had a job, but he can not get a job in the city because he does not have a permit."

He was fired from his job "because of his employer's perception of him" after the offending, McKessar said.

"If he is not on the road, he is reduced to a beneficiary, only because he does not have a permit."

But Judge Zohrab said that Fowke had five previous convictions for driving under the influence since 2008, as well as two convictions for driving while being disqualified.

He also had convictions for dangerous driving, driving while he was suspended and driving while he was disqualified.

The audience would probably be perverse & # 39; Fowke would get a softer punishment than someone without previous convictions, Judge Zohrab said.

McKessar said the public might like it better if Fowke was able to work instead of being a beneficiary.

Fowke admitted that he had filed a complaint against his partner six days before the drinking accident, McKessar said it was related to work-related stress and alcohol consumption.

"There was a bit of an exchange in two directions … it was completely out of character for him."

The probation service recommended a sentence of community detention and community work, with conditions to conduct alcohol counseling.

Judge Zohrab said the overdrinking conviction had been a little more than five years ago since his last conviction, so he did not have to have an alcolock on his car.

"But there is a long, important history of non-compliance … and an important history of drinking and driving from an early age."

He condemned Fowke and sentenced him to 15 months of intensive supervision, two months of community detention and disqualified him for 12 months and a day of driving.

– The Marlborough Express

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