Two people were seriously injured and motorists warned of significant delays & # 39; to be expected after SH1 crashed into Meremere

Two people were seriously injured after two crashes in the immediate vicinity of a junction on State Highway 1 at Meremere which blocked two lanes.

Motorists are warned to expect "significant delays" after the two crashes with five vehicles, at least one truck, at the intersection of SH1, Waikato Expressway, with Island Block Rd

The police were warned of the crash just before 6.40 am.

Indications are that at least one is blocked in a northerly direction and one in a southern direction, said a spokeswoman for the police.

"Expect extensive delays," the police said.

Earlier today, a crash on Auckland's Harbor Bridge blocked an entry at 6.00 am.

The crash happened on the south side and the traffic between Greville Rd and Constellation Dr is moderate to heavy.

The cars are now removed from the lanes and are located in the middle of the central reservation.

More to come.

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