Unidentified object that smokes over Cantabrians celestial scales

North Canterbury dreamers struggle with a dramatic observation last night.

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Photo: Facebook / Nathan Hanna

Photo's taken from North Canterbury yesterday at 6:00 pm show what a massive smoking object seems to get from the air.

Photos of the object have gone viral over the internet.

Other media report that the incident is a suspected sound wave or meteor.

Lisa Murray, from Rangiora, was home and cared for the animals of her family when she heard an unusual sound.

"I had actually gone outside to feed my animals … and I looked to the west and saw this strange thing coming out of the sky.

"I heard a sound, at a time when I did not even think it was a sonic boom, but now that people have said it was, it makes sense.

"I was not sure, I heard a bit of rumbling and then heard what, the best description would be, drop a rock or something very heavy in the truck, that kind of big, very loud pops."

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