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Shocking images of a cyclist who mistreats a female driver and bangs his fist against her window, has come to the fore.

The bickering of anger on the road was filmed in Christchurch on Tuesday morning, after the cyclist had been cut off by the green hatchback that he pulled out beside him.

According to a witness, the cyclist tried to overtake a bus when he was almost hit by the car, causing him to pull out.

Footage shows the aftermath of the incident, filmed on the phone by a passenger behind the pair.

According to a witness, the driver of the car was guilty.

The cyclist gave the signal to drive around in a bus, then the green car crossed the center line to move, but then suddenly ran across the cyclist who had almost hit him, & # 39; said the witness.

Although it gave a good feeling, the witness said that the driver reacted excessively and 'amazed & # 39; he was out.

The cyclist can be seen in the images that try to open the car door before he screams four times and bangs on the window.

After the last blow, the cyclist rides quickly, turns around and the bird flips to the driver, who stops.

People who comment on the images on Facebook have called for tougher road rules for cyclists, saying that the man could have been tracked if he had been registered.

& # 39; They must be banned or made to adhere to the road rules to which normal people live, & # 39; wrote a user about the & # 39; bloody, sick cyclists & # 39 ;.

There is a list of road rules on the website of the New Zealand Transport Agency, which contains a recommendation of two seconds between cyclists and other vehicles.

Like Australia, there are arguments in New Zealand to allow cyclists to register when they share the road with motorists.

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