Wellington bus network changes to be reviewed

The new bus network of Wellington is independently assessed after persistent complaints from buses that are late, too full to leave or not appear at all.

Commuters at a bus stop in Newtown

Commuters at a bus stop in Newtown
Photo: RNZ / Emma Hatton

The regional council voted today to have the system revised and the results are reported by December.

Since the system was changed in July, the board was bombarded with complaints.

Council members also asked officers to change a route so that it started and ended in Kilbirnie, as before, and for feedback on whether some other routes could be modified.

At the beginning of the meeting, several residents from Wellington spoke to the city council to announce that they were still not happy with the new bus routes.

A Wellington director said that the recent re-mal of the routes made his students late for the lesson and put them at risk.

St Patrick's College, Kilbirnie's rector Neal Swindells told the meeting this morning that about 100-150 boys used the new service.

"At the moment our two 753 buses from the station in the afternoon are considerably overloaded and unsafe, and on Monday this week they were both loaded in the corridors and 30 foreign students who could not move on, crossing the road to the new 24- bus, which is now too crowded by the time he leaves St. Pat's. "

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