Apple’s Earth at Night, TVNZ’s Little Birds among great new shows to stream


On a musical mission to reintroduce Kiwis to some of the greatest hits from our musical past, the singer / presenter’s latest series follows the successful, outrageous and often hilarious format of her previous shows. Naughty Shorties and Unleashed. That means we raid the homes of former New Zealand pop and rock superstars and question them about their past.

The entertaining, enlightening and nostalgic episodes include visits with Rikki Morris, Coconut Rough’s Andrew McLennan, Fur Patrol, Push Push and Herbs. Each new episode falls on a Friday.


Austin Abrams (Chemical hearts) and Midori Francis (Good guys) team up for this eight-part teen rom-com based on the hit young adult series Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. It follows the relationship that develops between the cynical Dash and the optimistic Lily as they exchange courage, dreams and desires in a notebook that they go back and forth from a range of locations in New York City.

Cleverly told, The affairstyle – the first two episodes each describe the initial setup and scavenger hunt from their respective perspectives – Dash & Lily is a sharp, addictive, cynical yet warm story that is both a love letter to New York and old-fashioned romance.

We Are The Champions, Little Birds, and Earth at Night Color are among the new shows available to stream this weekend.


We Are The Champions, Little Birds, and Earth at Night Color are among the new shows available to stream this weekend.

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Earth at Night in Color was filmed on six continents.

Apple TV

Earth at Night in Color was filmed on six continents.


The night manager and Thor star Tom Hiddleston recounts in this six-part nature documentary series that promises to reveal what animals do after the sun goes down, in detail that we’ve never seen before.

Filmed on six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands, it was recorded with groundbreaking camera technology, only when the light of the full moon could be used. Lions, cheetahs and bears are all present, as well as eagle owls and peregrine falcons.


Inspired by Anaïs Nin’s posthumously published 1979 collection of erotic short stories, this six-part series is set in 1955 in Tangier – then one of the last outposts of colonial decadence. Lucy Savage (Juno Temple) enters this exotic world, an American debutant who longs for an unconventional life, but is still insufficiently prepared for what she will encounter.

“It’s sultry and seductive, and pleasing to the eye,” wrote Radio timesGill Crawford.

Hugh Laurie plays British politician Peter Laurence in Roadkill.


Hugh Laurie plays British politician Peter Laurence in Roadkill.


He reminded us of his lighter side in guiding Armando Iannucci’s space satire Lane 5 earlier this year, Hugh Laurie is back on more serious ground with this four-part BBC drama.

He plays Peter Laurence, Britain’s most popular politician, a man seemingly on the rise after winning a libel case against a newspaper accusing him of taking payments to aid in the privatization of the UK’s National Health Service.

While you feel a little bit House of cards-lite, Roadkill‘s Machiavellian political machinations are sold by Laurie’s charismatic but eerie performance.


Wellington established Luther Creator Neil Cross’s latest four-part ITV thriller focuses on a happily married man whose life is thrown into chaos when an unwanted face from his past appears on his doorstep with shocking news. Years and years’ Russell Tovey, The pale horse Bertie Carvel and The Good Karma Hospital Amrita would find a star.

Much of this success must be put at Tovey’s feet. His Everyman, suffering as an essentially good person trapped in an ever-deteriorating hell that he didn’t create himself, is absolutely painful, ”wrote The GuardianLucy Mangan.

Kata Mara and Nick Robinson star in A Teacher.


Kata Mara and Nick Robinson star in A Teacher.


Hannah Fidell rediscovers her low-budget 2013 film of the same name as a 10-part series.

House of cardsKata Mara plays Claire Wilson, a popular married teacher at Westerbrook High School who is caught having an affair with one of her male students, Eric Walker (Nick Robinson).

America’s slightly warped answer to Normal people , The friendship between Claire and Eric feels organic, a testament to Fidell’s writing, but also to two great performances by Mara and Robinson. A teacher’The topic won’t be for everyone – it ends up with a grooming alert – but if you’re a fan of sensitive handled, fantastic pace, suspenseful drama, then you’re probably hooked quickly.


Cheese rolling, chilli eating, fantasy hairstyling, yo-yo, dog dancing and frog jumping are just some of the weird and wonderful events featured in this new documentary series. The six-part series focuses on celebrating them and the communities of competitors and supporters who grew up around them and is narrated by former The Office US star Rainn Wilson.

“Even if you’ve seen them before, the show treats these events with such reverence that you become a fan,” wrote Decision maker‘s Joel Keller.

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