Covid-19: Two new cases of coronavirus in managed isolation

There are two new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand to report on Thursday.

The Ministry of Health said the cases had been discovered in managed isolation.

The first case arrived from Moscow via London, Qatar and Brisbane on November 14.

The other case came out of Dubai on November 14.

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It comes on the first day of mandatory masks in Auckland public transport.

Auckland Transport said more than 90 percent of commuters at the Britomart hub are complying with the new rules.

Anyone caught disobeying the government’s masking order, which was issued on Monday and went into effect on Thursday morning, will face a maximum fine of $ 4,000 or a jail term of up to six months.

Masks are now also mandatory on rural aircraft.

At Britomart train station, most people met the mandatory mask rule on Thursday morning.


At Britomart train station, most people met the mandatory mask rule on Thursday morning.

Children under 12 years of age are exempt, as are riding school buses.

People with medical conditions that prevent them from safely or comfortably wearing a mask or face cover – including those with asthma or disabilities – are also exempt.

It’s also because Samoa’s first coronavirus case took a repatriation flight from Auckland last Friday.

The man, a sailor, arrived on the flight in Apia last Friday and tested positive in a quarantine facility four days later.

It was unclear whether the sailor had spent some time in Auckland before boarding the flight to Samoa, or whether he was using Auckland Airport as a transit point.

The ministry said it saw a high number of cases of recovery from the virus this week, meaning there were only 37 active cases.

Twenty-nine people had recovered.

The total number of cases in New Zealand was 1,654.

Laboratories had processed 8,665 tests for coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 1,208,091 so far.

On Wednesday, three cases of coronavirus were detected in managed isolation.

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