Lotto Powerball $ 9 Million Winner: Blenheim’s stomach flips when there is a win

New Zealand

What are your odds of winning the big one?

Blenheim is full of speculation as to who won the life-changing $ 9 million this week via Lotto Powerball.

And the anonymous winner says her stomach turns every time victory is mentioned around her.

“We heard people in the community talk about the prize, wondering who could be the winner and what they might spend it on – my stomach would pop every time I heard someone talking and I thought – ‘they’re talking about me and they don’t even know ‘. “

The regular player, who buys triple-dip tickets, never thought she would win big and even celebrates with just $ 20 – “at least it pays for the next ticket.”

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought her ticket at Redwood Lotto last Wednesday.

After the draw, the woman’s husband said Powerball had been won, but wasn’t sure where it was being claimed.

The winner plans to renovate the house and enjoy family time over Christmas.  Photo / supplied
The winner plans to renovate the house and enjoy family time over Christmas. Photo / supplied

“I remember thinking, ‘oh, that’s great for the winner – and just before Christmas,’” says the woman.

The next day, the woman went shopping and checked her ticket on the way out.

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“The machine made a noise and they told me I had won $ 9 million. I was completely amazed,” she says.

‘It was so unreal. I kept thinking [about] how I was going to tell my husband we were millionaires. “

Later that day, the woman shared the news with her husband and immediate family, who had dinner and drinks to celebrate.

The couple plan to do some renovations on their home, enjoy Christmas with family, and have a long summer in the Marlborough Sounds as they think about what to do next.

“We’d love to go abroad if we can, but for now we’re enjoying our own country while making some future plans,” she says.

“We still can’t believe it’s real, even after seeing our new bank balance.”

Lotto’s 2000th Live Draw Celebration. Video / Lotto

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