Prince Harry makes a shocking sacrifice for Kate Middleton and leaves Meghan Markle in the cold

In Prince Harry’s breathtaking sacrifice for Kate Middleton that Meghan Markle rejected

Prince Harry was once very close to his sister-in-law Kate Middleton long before Meghan Markle entered the picture, marking the start of her royal journey.

When Prince William proposed to Kate, he arranged for the future Duchess to receive a beautiful sapphire diamond that previously belonged to Princess Diana.

Kate shouldn’t have had the ring originally, but thanks to Harry’s touching tribute, she ended up wearing it because of her future brother-in-law.

Royal experts revealed, “William chose his mother’s Cartier watch and Harry chose her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.”

Harry was only 12 when he kept the ring from his mother. But when William proposed to Kate before even meeting Meghan, Harry decided to sacrifice the precious jewel so Kate could have it.

“They agreed that whoever got engaged first would get Diana’s ring – which, of course, were William and Kate,” said the expert.

This meant that Meghan, who was engaged to Harry in 2017, was denied the royal family heirloom.

So much so that when Harry asked the question, he couldn’t find any of Diana’s jewelry to give to her, so he had to design the ring himself with two diamonds from Diana’s collection and one from Botswana.

To keep the royal tradition alive, both Kate and Meghan wear their engagement rings alongside Welsh gold wedding rings.

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