Supermodel Gigi Hadid came up with ‘nasty’ baby photo trend – but a lot of people do


Dissatisfied followers ask “what’s the point” to post the photo in this way. Photo / Instagram

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has been bullied online for the way she shares pictures of herself with her baby.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel welcomed her first child with One Direction star Zayn Malik two months ago and has now posted pictures of herself with her daughter, without showing the baby’s face.

The 25-year-old shared the photo on Instagram, showing herself with her daughter in a carriage.

The name of the baby is also not yet known.

Many fans are not happy with the fact that Gigi keeps “teasing” them with little details, but not showing the full picture.

“Don’t be shy, show us your beautiful daughter,” commented one person.

“The girl has to stop teasing us and give people what they want! Full face photo,” said someone else.

Disgruntled fans wonder “what’s the point” of posting her child’s photo without showing the face.

But the comments got meaner and meaner by the minute about Gigi’s need to hide the face of her new bub.

“What’s the point of hiding your kids when you eventually show them … like Kylie [Jenner] did? Asked a fan.

If you’re going to show off your daughter, you might as well share her name and face! There’s no point in adding these half-teased images. We already know you have her, what’s the secret now? ‘ another social media user agreed.

The comments got nasty, with some people saying it showed Gigi is “on the job herself”.

‘Show your face. Why all that secrecy, your baby isn’t special than anyone else’s … you’re so good yourself. ‘

However, others jumped in defense of the supermodel, pointing out that it’s up to her to decide what to share on social media.

Please remember that if she doesn’t want to show HER child’s face, she doesn’t have to. The internet is a very scary and toxic place and if it was my child I would wait until she was much older or until I think she’s too ready to show her, ”one person said.

“I respect her for being such a good mother and protecting her child,” added another.

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