The winter sale of starts with free copies of LucasArts classic Full Throttle

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It starts to look a bit like the winter, which means it's time for all the different winter sales to start. is the first to usher in the holiday spirit, with "1900 deals up to 90% off." More importantly, GOG gives away free copies of the LucasArts classic adventure game Pedal to the metal.

The story of a man, a motorcycle and a lot of kicking, Pedal to the metal was praised in 1995 for its cinematic style and sharp writing style. Double Fine has rasterized the game last year and you know what? It is still pretty good.

Well, writing is at least amazing, sticking to the machete archetype of Bruce Campbell with his one-liners and seriously plotting himself. The game part, however, has not held up as well. As I wrote last year, " Pedal to the metal feels like a relic, torn between two eras, "with the puzzle-heavy follies of Day of the tentacle on the one hand and the large size of it Grim Fandango on the other. Pedal to the metal is easier than the first, and a lot, a lot of shorter than the last one.

But what does it matter if it is short? You get it for free, right? Pedal to the metal is an incredible giveaway game, one of which I would like to recommend for the time being to buy, but have no trouble saying that is an important piece of video game history. There has literally never been a better time to grab Pedal to the metal in the last twenty-odd years.

However, the deal is only active for 48 hours, and less when I write this. To claim your copy, go to the main page, log in (or sign up for) your account, search for the major Pedal to the metal banner directly under the sale art and then press the big green "FREE" button. Go through the steps and you'll lock Pedal to the metal to your account forever.

And look around while you're there. Resembling The Witcher III: Game of the Year is for sale for $ 20, Kerbal Space program is for sale for $ 16, Pillars of Eternity II is marked up to $ 33, Shadow Tactics up to $ 16, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines up to $ 5, and that's just a glimpse of the front page. There are many more deals to look through.

I'll see you here in a few weeks for the Steam Winter Sale.

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