Why loss of smell, taste is a godsend for many Covid patients: The Tribune India

New Delhi, November 22

Amid the growing Covid-19 scare, the light is at the end of the tunnel. If you are experiencing real loss of smell and taste along with stomach problems (read diarrhea) when Covid-19 symptoms start to appear you must have a heart as this generally means a good prognosis and not a severe respiratory attack that normally occurs in the second week of treatment. 14-day virus cycle.

Observed globally, the phenomenon has now been documented by Indian health experts – as we enter the 10th month of the Covid-19 pandemic – and according to them, Covid-19 patients who exhibit severe symptoms or end up in the ICU generally do not have a history of real loss of smell or taste.

Those who perceive a loss of smell and taste caused by the coronavirus generally feel an overwhelming salty or sweet taste, and water tastes extremely sweet. When they try perfume, the alcohol part dominates the sense of smell without any scent. And it takes 3-4 weeks for smell or taste or both to return.

According to Dr. Arun Lakhanpal, chest physician, interventional pulmonologist and Critical Care specialist, at Yatharth Hospital in Noida, if true loss of smell and taste occurs in the setting of Covid’s disease, which he now observes more frequently, then it indicates a good prognosis.

“It is increasingly noted that people with loss of smell and taste, which occurs in about 40 percent of patients, is generally a good prognostic sign,” said Dr. Lakhanpal, who and his team have helped thousands of Covid-19 patients recover and go back. healthy at home.

Dr Sushila Kataria, Senior Director, Department of Internal Medicine, Medanta, who also leads the Covid team at the hospital in Gurgaon, has seconded Lakhanpal’s observation.

“Yes, most patients who, in my opinion, have a loss of smell and taste do not develop serious illness. They don’t need oxygen support and most of them don’t need hospitalization, ”Kataria told IANS.

So in a way I feel a loss of taste and sense of smell is a good sign. And that’s kind of a prognostic factor that won’t make the patient worse. “

The reason for loss of smell and taste and diarrhea in Covid’s disease is not really known.

Sometimes the taste can go because there is a loss of smell because the two senses are linked. And its cause is said to be the coronavirus that infects the cells around nerves for smell and taste. This can recover within a week or even after the patient has turned Covid negative, ”explained Lakhanpal.

It may take three to four weeks for your smell and taste to regain, but it’s reassuring that the condition is reversible.

One should be aware that loss of smell and taste is not unique to the coronavirus.

It can also occur with a number of conditions such as rhinitis, sinusitis, brain tumors, with some medications, and diarrhea can occur with various chest or stomach infections.

Another observation is that most people with loss of smell and taste are young.

“But I have also seen that few elderly patients also complain about this loss of sensation, and they are usually mild cases. If someone experiences a sudden loss of taste and sense of smell, they need to isolate themselves. This is invariably Covid and as these patients themselves can be mildly symptomatic, they can spread the infection, ”Kataria advised.

Do not take these symptoms lightly, isolate yourself, get tested for Covid-19, and follow all infection control procedures.

Check your temperature with a thermometer in your mouth every four hours and the oxygen level using a pulse oximeter and seek medical advice if there is a fever or a drop in oxygen saturation.

“We are still learning about the coronavirus and seeing newer and newer complications,” said Lakhanpal. – IANS

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