With Vodafone x Disney Neo smartwatch for kids you can track the location of your little one »Gadget Flow

If you’re ever concerned about your child’s location, the Vodafone x Disney Neo kids smartwatch lets you see their location on a map from your phone. This wearable technology also has parental controls so you can personalize and control your little one’s contacts. And it’s a great way to stay in touch with your child via text message or phone calls. The Vodafone x Disney Neo comes with tons of features, including an activity tracker to keep track of the daily number of steps. Plus, kids can personalize the character on the watch, and it will be updated with exciting new characters over time. And for an added fun factor, the screen creates iconic sound effects related to your chosen character. In addition, this gadget helps kids become more organized and self-aware with features such as an app calendar.

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