China wants to reduce the number of new computer games because they think they are helping to make childlike mobile phones

( China has decided to tackle the fight against myopia in children and adolescents, and computer games have been identified as one of the causes of damage to the eyes of the people in the country.

That is why the government now wants to impose restrictions on computer games to delay visual damage.

A 2015 survey showed that 500 million Chinese had some form of vision problems, which corresponds to almost half of the population in five years.

Over the past decades, explosive growth of nearsightedness must have taken place and the East Asian countries are among the most vulnerable.

The Ministry of Education has now issued new guidelines after President Xi Jinping requested more attention to eye health earlier this week, and three of these are proposals for computer games (via Niko Partners):

Strengthen the regulation of how much time children can spend on playing online games, implement age restrictions for games and limit the number of new online games approved for distribution in China.

No new games since March

But as points out, the last point has an extra team – since no new games have been approved since March. This is connected with a far-reaching reform of the government, which restructures the ministries that approve the launch of games.

It is expected that a new policy for computer games will be issued at the end of September, and only then will the width of any restrictions be known.

The Ministry of Education has also issued guidelines for families, schools and health institutions in the country where they request less mobile use, that children receive information about visus injuries at school and call for activities to reduce the use of the Internet and networks.

The ministry is of the opinion that up to 2023 these guidelines can give up to five percent less perennial plants each year.

There is no broad consensus among research that computer games themselves make people short-sighted, but according to the BBC there are studies that have pointed out that gaming can be one of the factors.

Fight at the fair

The reactions are not delayed. Chinese game companies burst into the stock market in the morning and Tencent disappeared a whopping 166 billion dollars in value, while the equity value fell by five percent.

Several analysts are now predicting that Chinese companies can put their eyes closer to foreign companies for further growth.

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