Google Titan – With these small Google games you will be safer online

Logging in to a network service with only username and password is quite vulnerable.

Thanks for your password, they can behave like you and you are one of those who usually use the same password everywhere, it seems that a site experiences a data interruption before all your other accounts become unsafe.

An extra factor

That is why we have recommended that you use two-factor authentication on the web services that support it.

If such a feature is enabled, you must enter a one-time password in addition to your password when you log in – usually one that you receive via SMS, a code snippet or through an app.

Then it does not matter if someone on the other side of the world gets the password.

Google Titan

Google has now launched a new product: Google Titan. In the package you get two things – one to use the keychain on the go and one that can be placed in the USB port of your PC.

PLAY: With Titan, you must have a physical plug in addition to the password to log in. Photo: Google
PLUG IN: With Titan, you must have a physical plug in addition to the password to log in. Photo: Google
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If you want to log in to your Google Account from a new PC, telephone or the like, log in as usual with your username and password. But once this has happened, you will also be asked to press the button on the Titan device, as a kind of simplified variant of receiving a one-time code and entering it.

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Titan also works with other services, such as Dropbox and Facebook, and is based on the open Fido standard. The product reminds us completely of Yubikey, as we wrote nine years ago.

Use it yourself

Internally for Google, employees use this solution themselves to protect themselves against data theft and other accident.

The Bluetooth version works with both iOS and Android, while the USB edition is then used on PCs, but it can also work with Android phones that support NFC.

Now the product is offered for sale in the Google Store in the US for a price of $ 50, or just over $ 400. Whether it will be purchased here in the country remains to be seen.

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