Moss Avis – This is Norway's best-selling station wagon

Skoda Octavia has been the best selling station wagon in Norway for several years. But this year it is tilted by the throne – and that of a brand that can do more than just connect to the station car.

The best-selling station wagon from Norway so far this year comes from Volvo and is called V90. More than 2,000 copies have been sold and registered so far this year. It is in eighth place in the list of best-selling passenger cars in Norway.

The V90 is a large, exclusive and expensive station wagon that has almost completely entered the market. The V90 has a combination of many Norwegian buyers who want it: it is rechargeable – and it has four-wheel drive.

88 percent of sales

The T8 is called this V90 edition. It has a total of 390 hp – and it is the one who pulls the sales tax:

Erik Trosby is PR and Communications Manager in Volvo Car Norway.

– T8 is by far the most popular variant and accounts for 88 percent of V90 sales. After T8 diesel and AWD follow. Volvo focuses on rechargeable hybrids and electrified lines, and we also see that the market is responding very well, "says Erik Trosby, PR and communications manager at the Norwegian Volvo importer.

– Why do you think this car has been such a big success?

"It's enough to get a big and safe premium family car, with a powerful engine and an affordable price." The Norwegian car market is largely influenced by the charging system and also affects the type of powertrain that people choose. , affordable and environmentally friendly electric driving in daily life, combined with a lot of power and four-wheel drive on the country road, says Trosby.

The V90 is exactly the success that Volvo hoped for, also here in Norway.

Will be very expensive

The rechargeable cars are advantageous via the Norwegian charging system, so the T8 also gets a substantial tax refund compared to the "only" petrol or diesel engines.

But despite some cheap cars, some cheap cars are not. The V90 starts at 529,000 crowns, with 150 hp diesel engine. The T8 edition has a starting price of 671,000 crowns. Here it is important to emphasize the starting price.

Volvo has promised to become a premium brand, as well as what you have to pay for the improvement. That is why the final sum is quickly $ 100,000 higher, so it's no problem to spend double on things that are "fun to have".

The design steals a bit of space in the trunk, but the V90 is definitely a messy car.

Little brother is coming

Volvo has so far also another car with the ten bestselling. It is the SUV-XC60 that holds the tenth place. Here, too, is the rechargeable edition that attracts the most customers.

Then it remains to see how long the V90 manages to hold the position. Not least, it will get tough competition from brother V60. It is being launched in Norway, but the big sales rush will not take place until next year, when it is a rechargeable hybrid.

Here is the V60 in the rechargeable hybrid edition, photographed in combination with the first V60 test earlier this year. This edition will be released later this year.

Almost no one buys

"The V60 will definitely be a major car for Norway, and we expect to sell around 2,500 units by 2019 and it will be our best-selling station wagon," says Trosby.

PS: While the V90 sells very well, it goes much heavier for the S90 sedan. More than nine out of ten buyers choose V90 over the S90. There is also nothing unique for Volvo. Sedance's turnover has been falling for years and this car class is now considered a rather narrow niche.

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