Now there are new times for Opel in Norway

Earlier this summer it was announced that Opel was looking for a new importer in Norway.

The second largest car importer, Bertel O. Steen, had entered into an agreement to buy 100 percent of the shares in Opel Norge AS.

However, the acquisition had to be approved by the Norwegian competition authorities in order to be implemented. That decision came quickly. Now it is clear that the Norwegian competition authority has given its thumbs, so it will be a new time for Opel
in Norway.

Has three points already

"This is as expected, but still very happy," says Bjørn Maarud, CEO of Bertel O. Steen.

He adds:

Bjørn Maarud is CEO of Bertel O. Steen
Bjørn Maarud is CEO of Bertel O. Steen

"This means that we can now start long-term efforts to increase Opel's market share in Norway, which has been declining for many years and we know that it is a great job to turn around, but we believe several important factors to pass
is in place: Opel has a good quality of its car & # 39; s and has an exciting model program. Bertel O. Steen will provide solid expertise in car import and reseller activities, as well as the development of new and forward-looking concepts
and services. This means we are optimistic about strengthening Opel on the Norwegian market, "said Maarud in a press release.

Last year Opel was sold from American General Motors (GM) to the French PSA. It happened after several years of red numbers and big challenges for the brand.

Bertel O. Steen is already an importer of the three brands car brands of the PSA Group: Peugeot, Citroën and DS. In many ways, Opel could have ended up in the cards.

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Allow a ride

After Groupe took over PSA Opel, the company has made extensive changes. Last but not least, attention was paid to reducing costs. It has already produced results.

An important rally is expected about the development of new models in the coming years. Economies of scale are important in the automotive industry. Having a lot of cars to distribute development costs is an important competitive advantage.

The sale of Opel has been going on for many years at home here. It was a strong boost when the Ampera-e electric car was launched. With a leading range and a favorable price, there was a car that wanted a lot of Norwegians.

Customers escaped after price increase and delivery problems

Ampera-e is the car that really could have won the Opel sales at home. But then the delivery problems came and an effective stop was possible.
Ampera-e is the car that really could have won the Opel sales at home. But then the delivery problems came and an effective stop was possible. Photo: Scanpix

Historical Sus

It became clear, however, that the importer was unable to meet the demand. There was also a lot of noise, with waiting customers who eventually became very dissatisfied. Nowadays the situation is the dealership of
The importer of today is advised not to sign any new contracts for the car. There is now also at least one year waiting time for Ampera-e.

The other models struggle heavily in a market where many want an electrified car. So far, sales have dropped 14.4 percent this year and ranks 16th among the best-selling brands in the country. They are therefore disabled
including Tesla, Kia and Hyundai.

The fact that Opel is now going to Bertel O. Steen also has a historical dimension:

"When the car made its first entrance in Norway, Bertel O. Steen had Opel until 1918. Now we are back together 100 years later, and we look forward to getting Opel back from the car brands in Bertel O. Steen, says CEO Bjørn Maarud.

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