Oil nuts are available on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange scratched up Tuesday. The main index ended at 0.2 percent to 904.31. We are reminded of the highest score ever of 908.99 from 9 August.

The turnover amounted to NOK 3.7 billion.

The performance season marked individual stocks. Seafood were among the sectors that drew down.

oil prices

Oil prices rise Tuesday afternoon. Brent oil rose by 0.8 percent to $ 72.72, while US WTI oil rose by 1.4 percent to $ 66.26 per barrel.

In comparison, a barrel of North Sea oil was traded for the $ 72.40 bar on the Oslo Stock Exchange on Monday.

Oil prices also rose steadily over Monday. Global trade with the United States and China in driver-driven drivers continues the market according to TDN Direct.

According to the news agency, traders say that the US oil market will be lifted in the coming months by prospects of a tighter fuel market, while US stocks for refined products are at the lowest level of four years.

Otherwise, the US Department of Energy announced on Monday night that between 1 October and 30 November 2018 it will offer 11 million barrels of crude oil from the strategic gas reservoirs of the US.

This period coincides with the start of the US oil campaign against Iran, which will be introduced in November.

oil stocks

Equinor dropped 0.1 percent (20 øre) to 215.80 NOK, but when the shares traded ex dividend of $ 0.23, the increase in reality shows.

DNO fell by 0.5 percent to 17.19 kroner, while Aker BP climbed 2.0 percent to 280 kroner.

Underground for the weather

Interoil Exploration and Production announced on Tuesday morning that after discussions with the duo's, they are allowed to transport 18 cargoes, consisting of a work-over-rig, through their territories.

Regardless of the positive result and the improved relationship with the dujas, Interoil is still working to obtain access rights from private landowners via an alternative route called "The Northern Road".

The news sent the IOX share with 14.3 percent to 5.24 kronor.


Bakkafrost was the only heavyweight with numbers Tuesday. salmon company did not meet analysts' expectations and ended up with 3.6 percent to 478 crowns.

DNB markets seem to have more disadvantages in Bakkafrost. The brokerage company had a sales recommendation against the report with a price target of NOK 430, and thus – even before any adjustments – a disadvantage of almost 10 percent.

There were also several other salmon shrimps. Marine Harvest fell 1.9 percent, SalMar dropped 1.5 percent and Lerøy was weakened by 1.7 percent. Grieg Seafood fell 2.9 percent.

Managing Jan Petter Sissener is skeptical about Marine Harvest and does not exclude his intention to shorten the shares

Frontline up for numbers

The performance season is rolling this week, and on Wednesday Frontline is on fire with its numbers for the second quarter.

DNB Markets is considerably above the consensus with its estimates.

Brokerage expects EBITDA (operating income before depreciation and amortization) for the quarter of $ 29.5 million, against a consensus of $ 19.1 million

DNB Markets has a purchase recommendation with a target price of 60 kronor.

On Tuesday, the share rose by 5.6 percent to 44 kroner.

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