SAS risks new pilot conflict –

SAS reported Friday after tax of 1,546 million Swedish crowns in the third quarter of 2018 (May-July), against 1,535 million Swedish crowns in the same period last year.

The SAS share fell by 8.3 percent to NOK 18.25 on the quarterly figures and management adjusted its expectations and now believes in a profit of around two billion Swedish kronor for the accounts ending in October.

The launch of a new subsidiary, SAS Ireland, with its own aircraft and crews stationed in London and Malaga, contributes to higher revenues and lower costs – despite the cancellation of the summer, DN writes.

"In the future, it is important that SAS has no other conditions to compete with other companies and it will be difficult to maintain the current market position," CEO Rickard Gustafson said in the paper.

"It is not unusual for the board of directors to be responsible for the board of directors and the management of a company, and I think it is entirely normal that it will work in SAS," says Gustafson.

SAS and the pilot associations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark signed a three-year agreement last year, with the possibility of renegotiation after two years. When the agreement expires in the spring of 2019, there may be strikes. Leader Jan Levi Skogvang for SAS Norway Pilot Association tells the newspaper that the pilots are upset.

"We want SAS to be a safe workplace and it is seen as a threat to the workplace if the company wants to expand production outside," he told the newspaper.

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