The Agriculture Directorate has distributed record-size quotas for the import of raw materials for animal feed

On Tuesday, the Directorate quoted quotas for imports of foreign cereals and oilseeds at reduced rates. This should be a supplement to Norwegian production, which has suffered enormously this year in the absence of precipitation.

The special quota for so-called carbohydrate raw materials for animal feed is much larger than last year. In the first of the two auctions this fall, the allocated quota amounted to 317,000 tons. It accounts for 40 percent of the estimated need for the upcoming season.

By way of comparison, last year the total quota of carbohydrate raw materials was 174,000 tons. The raw materials it is about are different cereals, corn and sugar beet.

The management also sold quotas for imports of feed grain to 80,000 tons. This also accounts for 40 percent of the expected need. In addition, the Directorate allocated import quotas of 5,000 tons of oilseeds.

The prognosis, as Norwegian limited companies have made, shows that nearly 900,000 tons of carbohydrate raw materials have to be imported for concentrated feed and more than 200,000 tons of food pellets.

The next auction is scheduled for November 21.

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