These are the questions that Berit Svendsen will not answer –

On Thursday afternoon, CEO Sigve Brekke sent an internal report in Telenor about the media conference of the telecom giant in recent weeks. Here he writes that he believes that "internal processes are blown out of all proportion".

VG / E24 was the first to quote from this message.

During Arendalsuka two weeks ago, the CEO refused to answer DN's questions if he thinks that the Scandinavian boss Berit Svendsen is doing well and if he has confidence in her.

In the DN report, access to Brekke's printer now has the effect that "Berit does a good job for Telenor and I trust her, of course."

Uroen around top manager Brekke and CEO Svendsen splits Telenor. Various events and processes in the state-owned giant have caused confusion because they are completely different internally interpreted in the company, sources have been told to DN.

  • established: 1855
  • company: Offers mobile and fixed telephony, broadband and television offers. Mobile operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Mobile customers: 172 million
  • Number of employees: 22,000
  • headquarters: Fornebu
  • Number 2017: NOK 124 billion in operating revenues and a profit before tax of NOK 21.9 billion
  • Market capitalization: NOK 233 billion
  • President and CEO: Sigve Brekke (58)
  • chairman: Gunn Wærsted (63)
  • The main owners: the state at the Ministry of Industry (54 percent), Folketrygdfondet (five percent) and the BlackRock Institutional Trust Company (1.8 percent)

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Sigve Brekke will discuss international management positions with the Scandinavian chef Berit Svendsen. It is interpreted by someone as an attempt to expel it.

No comment

Brekke writes that it is "difficult to see that Telenor is called in this way".

"I am sure that I have been with me when I say that the most important thing we can do now is to focus on what we are here for: our customers and our company," he concludes.

In connection with Brekke's attempts to clarify the employees in Telenor, DN Berit asked Svendsen if it agrees with the CEO's statement that internal processes are blown out by proportions, as well as two other questions asked:

  • How did she observe the conversations with Brekke about her jobs abroad / the group?
  • Does Svendsen see that Sigve Brekke wants to take away her power?

Svendsen went on Friday to the communications department in the company.

Information manager Anders Krokan in Telenor writes in an e-mail:

– Berit asks me to say that she concentrates completely on the job she currently has and that she does not want to comment.

"Between them"

One of the issues that received a lot of attention is that Brekke Svendsen should have offered the management job in Telenor's Thai mobile phone company Dtac, as reported by NRK two weeks ago.

This is considered by the supporters of Svendsen as an attempt to get rid of a strong leader who throws Brekke in public in the shadow, reports sources to DN. Others believe that it is an attempt to develop Svendsen as a leader because it has no international experience.

In his internship, Brekke writes that he regularly enters into a dialogue with all his managers about new opportunities, roles and positions. "Rolling-up roles is an established practice to ensure broad competencies at senior management level in Telenor", he writes, referring to the DN practice mentioned earlier this week, that many senior executives in Telenor have contracts with a limited duration. .

Brekke writes that the reason why they have so far failed to respond to "speculation and accusations in public" is because the dialogue between the leader and the employee is "one of the most important"

Not confirmed, not canceled

Svendsen was previously also a word about the unrest. She has shown that she does not want to comment on internal processes or personal circumstances.

She did not confirm or reject the case that she should have had other jobs in the group.

During Arendalsuka, the same day on which NRK published her first case, she answered DN's question whether Brekke had tried to replace her as a Scandinavian chief:

"I have the world's most exciting job and I am looking forward to working every day and working with as many good people as I do," said Svendsen, who did not answer if she had another job in the group got .

The alleged international job offer is not the only thing that has caused noise in the company.

As both DN and VG have mentioned, many have responded to the communications department and several other functions in Telenor Norway have been reorganized just before the summer and subject to business management and are now reporting to Brekke instead of Svendsen. The supporters of Svendsen interpret this as an attempt to deprive it of power, while others think that the reorganization was a rational measure, according to the sources of DN.

Contact the ministry

TV 2 announced on Thursday evening that the chairman of Telenor, Gunn Wærstad, gave the Ministry of Industry a briefing on the unrest in the company.

"Because there has been so much media attention, I contacted the ministry to provide information about the facts," writes Wærsted in a message to DN.

Thank the ministry for the information. Minister of Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen stressed to DN Friday that it was the chairman of Telenor who asked himself to inform the ministry.

"If there is anything that threatens state ownership, it would be logical to ask for a briefing from the president, but it has not happened, Røe Isaksen said.

He believes that the sound of Telenor is not a matter for the Ministry of Industry, which holds 54 percent of the company.

"It is my job to manage the property, not to be a constant commentator for daily activities," Røe Isaksen told DN.(Conditions)

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