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The hottest summer in human memory has gone beyond the growth of the grass. It means that many farmers do not have food for the winter. That is why they have to beat earlier than normal.

But first the freezer storage must be emptied.

Today, 19,000 Nortura owners receive letters in which they say:

"With the further combination of sheep that we expect to get in the autumn because of the drought, it is absolutely necessary to get some of the increased sheep volume from the traditional market, so the sales council decided to arrange 1000 tons of sheep on Thursday. as fur animal feed. "


FOOD FOR MICCELLY: Maybe lamb is on the crab's menu in the fall?

Photo: Sondre Dalaker / NRK

Food for mink and reef

"I'm in a situation where both drought and lack of food cause the host to kill more sheep than usual," says Bjørg Tørresdal, who heads the sales council.

Until 2015 there was not enough sheep in Norway. The farmers speed up production quickly, without the same softness.

Bjørg Tørresdal

Do not want to waste food: the sales leader Bjørg Tørresdal says it's a good idea to make sheep's meal with animal feed than throw it.

Photo: Frank Almås / NRK

"It's important to us that food is not thrown or destroyed, the best part is to give everyone human nutrition, and if I'm too soft, it's best to make it expensive, Tørresdal wins.

But do not worry that this will be the normal situation in the future.

– Measures have been taken to increase the number of mutton crops and they seem to be. People buy meir and that means that maybe I can find good solutions in the short term, say hi.

Berre to shepherd dogs more than a year

Nest leader in Hordaland sheep and goats does not resemble the decision of the sales council.

"It should be our best to use the meat instead of grinding it into animal feed," says Kjetil Rødland.

When I look at weights up to 35 kilograms, it refers to 30,000 animals that grumble for fur animals.

Sauerkraut by Nortura Reset

SAUESLAKT: It is a good idea to save earlier this year than usual to use the feed for those sheep that will not be slaughtered in the autumn.

Photo: Ådne Dyrnesli

"There are many sheep in the field, victory Rødland.

But the overproduction of meat is not surprising. He believes that all joints – of the farmers of Nortura and the food industry – have to take their responsibility.

"I'm not good enough to use the sauce," he says.

There are many English people who are better than us. Redland thinks I should eat more sheep and lamb.

– Overproduction does not exceed two shepherd dogs per Norwegian in the year.

Nortura hunts for alternatives

"This is certainly not the first choice", says Ellen Flø Skagen, director of communication, corporate social responsibility and safe food in Nortura.

Ellen Flå © Skagen press 17.jpg

CONDITION TO EXTEND PEOPLE: This year 1000 tons of mutton will be cattle feed. That is how it should be, meiner Ellen Flø Skagen in Nortura.

Photograph: Erik Buraas / STUDIO B13

They see that they need more to use the meat when the supply is full.

"These beautiful, traditional-rich meat fortunes to go to human food, but I do not care enough … By giving it to fur animals, you do not have to throw it.

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