1,000 tonnes of mutton is sold to fur animals – rbnett.no

– This is not ideal. This is not what we wanted. We want this food to be for people, "says executive vice president Ellen Flø Skagen for communication, social responsibility and safe food in Nortura for the nation.

Last Thursday, it became clear that the sales council approved the application of Nortura with the request for a sales tax for the sale of 1,000 tonnes of fresh sheep for fur feeds. The cost of this meat amounts to 25.75 kroons per kilo. It was the site agriculture24.no that first mentioned the issue.

Due to large incoming stocks, considerable stock of sheep, Nortura threatens, partly as a result of the drought, to take over a surplus of the number of flocks that can be frozen on the storage stock. Nortura is therefore of the opinion that it is necessary to reduce the amount of beef on the market by at least 1,000 tonnes.

In the same protocol of the sales council, they received an application to use a turnover tax to cut ten tons of frozen mutton from regulated stocks and to dispose of it as food for charitable purposes in Norway.

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